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Regis' work has been published in a number of different countries. For foreign language publications, please visit the International Publications section.
Total Access Total Access, Giving customers What They Want in an Anytime, Anywhere World,
published by Harvard Business School Press in March 2002, addresses the future of marketing as computers and the network do most of the work, from data gathering to customer care and response. The marketing function disappears into a network of relationships and responsibilities between man and machine throughout the value chain. Total consumer access to- and interaction with- the marketplace replaces the archaic broadcast model.

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"All of us at Starbucks are responsible for our brand because everything we do adds up to satisfying our customers. McKenna's book represents a key perspective on this fundamental precept of customer-centered marketing and on what it takes to sustain customer loyalty in a world of overwhelming choice."
-Howard Schultz
Chairman, Starbucks Coffee Company
"In Total Access, Regis McKenna makes a compelling argument that marketing is vanishing; vanishing into a network of relationships and responsibilities so powerful as to redefine, if not eliminate, the traditional role of the marketer. If you practice marketing, or manage those who do, this book is a necessity on your 'must read' list."
-Peter Sealey
Ph.D., former Head of Global Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company, and Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley
"Based on a lifetime of unique experiences in both the technology and marketing fields, Regis McKenna provides a unique and prescient analysis of the new, networked society and its profound implications for future business success."
-Frederick W. Smith
Chairman and CEO, FedEx Corporation

Relationship Marketing Relationship Marketing,
published in 1992, focuses on the interactive relationships vital to market acceptance in the "Age of the Customer."

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"Regis McKenna has put a personal stamp on Silicon Valley, no mean feat among so many bold voices. He's made 100,000 engineers think market, marketing, customers. And now, he's gone and done it again. Keep it up, Regis!"
-Tom Peters
"When Regis speaks…Apple listens! Powerful ideas that should reshape conventional marketing strategy for decades to come."
"Silicon Valley's Svengali."
"Simply being a client of Regis McKenna has become a kind of anointment for a high-tech business."
"Regis McKenna has a highly developed sense of what it takes to make it in high tech."
-Business Week
"One of America's top marketing consultants."
-The New York Times

Real Time Real Time, Preparing For the Age Of The Never Satisfied Customer,
was published by Harvard Business Books in 1997. This book analyzes the effects of technology on the marketplace and describes how high-speed electronics enables ready access to information, products and services and in the process, generates increased expectations for immediate satisfaction.

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"A wide-ranging, entertaining tour of the real-time landscape… a good read for your next plane trip."
"McKenna has written a manifesto for marketers, customer-service employees, and managers in general. In an accessible and convincing manner, he explains why-and shows how-corporations must use these technological advancements to compete in today's marketplace."
-Publishers Weekly
"Real Time has all the ingredients of a successful business book, including a simple yet powerful theme."
"Regis McKenna never ceases to challenge the conventional wisdom. The notion of eliminating hierarchy and long-term planning, and creating real time management that focuses on delivery, results, and customer needs, is a key revelation for companies large and small."
-Jerry Yang, Founder, Yahoo!
"An insightful and useful book that provides a practical understanding of how time, technology, and customer service are increasingly interrelated."
-Fred Smith, Chairman and CEO, Federal Express

Out of Print Books
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The Regis Touch-New Marketing Strategies for Uncertain Times,
Regis McKenna has created highly successful campaigns for companies like Apple Computer, Intel, and National Semiconductor. In the Regis Touch, he shares for the first time his proven strategies for creating new markets, positioning products, gaining recognition, serving customers, and keeping pace with fast-changing environments. McKenna's new brand of entrepreneurial marketing will be of vital importance to all industries that want to grow in today's shifting economy and highly competitive marketplace.
"The Regis Touch leaves the reader braced and eager to try out its new ideas… a short, sharp slap in the face of conventional marketing thinking."
-Alvin Toffler
"One of America's top marketing consultants, Mr. McKenna has written a book counseling managers on how to fight fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the minds of customers…."
-The New York Times
"It's easy to digest, stimulating, and logical….Regis McKenna has a highly developed sense of what it takes to make it in high tech."
-Business Week
"Managers might keep it handy for periodic re-reading as a reminder of high-tech marketing basics…."
-Austin American Statesman
"When Regis speaks…Apple listens! A must-read book of powerful ideas that should reshape conventional marketing strategy for decades to come."
-John Scully, Apple Computer, Inc.

Who's Afraid of Big Blue- How Companies Are Challenging IBM -and winning,
Who's Afraid of Big Blue chronicles the strategies for success against industry giants and offers advice to those who want to challenge IBM, and to those who face similar competition in other industries. Business Week has said, "Regis McKenna has a highly developed sense of what it takes to make it in high tech". For everyone in the computer business-managers and marketers alike - and for those in other industries who follow innovative business and marketing strategies, this book is required reading.

Book contributions made to the following:
Physical and Logical Security Convergence

Physical and Logical Security Convergence: Powered By Enterprise Security Management
By: Brian T. Contos, William P. Crowell, Colby DeRodeff, Dan Dunkel, Dr. Eric Cole, Syngress Publishing

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CIO WISDOM: Best Practices From Silicon Valley's Leading IT Experts
By: Dean Lane, Harris Kern Enterprise Computing Institute, Change Technology Solutions, Inc. & Prentice-Hall PTR

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& Noble


Conversations With Marketing Masters

Conversations With Marketing Masters - David Aaker, Philip Kotler, Jean-Claude Larreche, Regis McKenna, Don Peppers, John Quelch, Al Ries, Martha Rogers, Don Schultz, Patricia Seybold, Jack Trout, and Lester Wunderman
By: Laura Mazur and Louella Miles, Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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Taking Sides Taking Sides- Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Marketing,
By: Bart Macchiette, Plymouth State College; Abhijit Roy, Boston University.
"Real Time" page 44.
Not On My Watch
Not on My Watch - Hollowood vs. the Future
By: Dekom and Sealey

"Insightful! Not on My Watch is no ordinary business book. Dekom and Sealey give us a perspective and foundation for what has become a daily news story - how digital technologies are shaking up the entertainment establishment with profound and far-reaching consequences. The authors take us on a fascinating read behind the scene with breadth and precision laying out what is at stake as we watch the old legacy media business models of the past struggling to forcefit the fast-paced and widely accessible digital media of the future into their scope of control."
Regis McKenna